Ways To Keep Your Wedding Costs Down

Best practices for keeping your dream wedding within your ideal budget

Planning a wedding is an exciting journey filled with good memories, love, and laughter. However, it’s no secret that the journey is costly. While you want the day to be unforgettable, you don’t want the price to be what you remember most! From the decorations to flowers, the dress to the catering, expenses can add up very quickly. But fear not! Here at Lake Erie Building Events we understand every joy and struggle that comes with planning a wedding, and we have your back with these top tips to stay within your wedding budget.

  1. Set a Realistic Budget
    One of the first steps to planning a wedding is sitting down with your partner and setting a realistic budget. Consider your financial situation; how much money you have saved for the occasion, whether or not you will be receiving money from family members, etc. Having a clear budget created will help guide all of your decisions moving forward and prevent overspending.

  2. Prioritize your Must-Haves
    Identify the aspects of your special day that are most important to you with your partner. Whether that’s the band you chose or your dream wedding dress, some details of the day will be more valuable to you than others. For the other details, you can take a different approach and try to find budget-friendly alternatives. These are the items you are willing to compromise.

  3. Limit the Guest List
    Now, we do understand that this tip is much easier said than done, and limiting your guest list can be one of the more difficult steps in your planning process. However, each additional guest does mean additional costs. You may want to consider having a smaller, more intimate wedding, allowing you and your partner to save money and stay within your wedding budget.

  4. Get Creative with DIY Decor 
    Decorations are where you can really get creative and save yourself a lot of money! Even if you don’t consider yourself a crafty person, there are tons of easy DIY projects out there for centerpieces, paper flowers, personalized signage, and more. Conduct a few internet searches, look on Pinterest, and you’ll be amazed at the ideas you will find.

  5. Food and Beverages
    Another great way to save money is through your food and beverage choices. Here at Lake Erie Building Events we are happy to offer our guests the ability to supply their own alcohol and bartenders! This can be a great way to cut down on costs. Your wedding day should be a reflection of the love you have for your partner and your commitment to each other, not a source of financial stress.

By following these tips and making sure to stick to a clear budget you will have no problem keeping that dream wedding within your dream budget. Your perfect day is not about how much you can spend, but the memories you have created. You don’t need to spend tons of money to have that beautiful wedding you always dreamed of. Lake Erie Building Events is happy to be a part of your special day and understands the importance of sticking to a budget. Contact us today to hear more about our affordable pricing that doesn’t limit your ideal vision of your wedding day!